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"Ideas worth spreading "

Lateley I’ve been watching more and more TED talks and more often than not I have been inspired by those talks. I am grateful for all of them, because they are very helpful in giving you a new perspective on life and what is possible if you only put your mind to it.

The video that I am posting here is related to a talk that can make all the difference in your life. I hope it inspires you as well and gets you to check out all the other great ideas.

Freitag, März 29, 2013

As I Began to Love Myself by Charlie Chaplin

As I began to love myself I found that anguish and emotional suffering
are only warning signs that I was living against my own truth.
Today, I know, this is “AUTHENTICITY”.

As I began to love myself I understood how much it can offend somebody
As I try to force my desires on this person, even though I knew the time
was not right and the person was not ready for it, and even though this
person was me. Today I call it “RESPECT”.

As I began to love myself I stopped craving for a different life,
and I could see that everything that surrounded me was inviting me to grow.
Today I call it “MATURITY”.

As I began to love myself I understood that at any circumstance,
I am in the right place at the right time, and everything happens
at the exactly right moment. So I could be calm.
Today I call it “SELF-CONFIDENCE”.

As I began to love myself I quit steeling my own time,
and I stopped designing huge projects for the future.
Today, I only do what brings me joy and happiness, things I love to do
and that make my heart cheer, and I do them in my own way and in
my own rhythm. Today I call it “SIMPLICITY”.

As I began to love myself I freed myself of anything that is no good for
my health – food, people, things, situations, and everything that drew
me down and away from myself. At first I called this attitude
a healthy egoism. Today I know it is “LOVE OF ONESELF”.

As I began to love myself I quit trying to always be right, and ever since
I was wrong less of the time. Today I discovered that is “MODESTY”.

As I began to love myself I refused to go on living in the past and worry
about the future. Now, I only live for the moment, where EVERYTHING
is happening. Today I live each day, day by day, and I call it “FULFILLMENT”.

As I began to love myself I recognized that my mind can disturb me
and it can make me sick. But As I connected it to my heart, my
mind became a valuable ally. Today I call this
connection “WISDOM OF THE HEART”.

We no longer need to fear arguments, confrontations or any kind of problems
with ourselves or others. Even stars collide, and out of their crashing
new worlds are born.Today I know THAT IS “LIFE”!

I was given a printout of this poem by a person I would have expected it the least from. I read it and I smiled because it inspired me and I already knew some of its “spiritual” essence from Oprah’s Lifeclass.

I get it and I agree! And I instantly wanted to make changes in my life accordingly …

… and I will when the moment is right for me…

… soon I hope …

Open up to the wise words of Charly Chaplin and be inspired.

Sonntag, November 25, 2012

The Troggs - Wild thing - 1966 


Ally McBeal- Dancing Baby

remember the dancing baby scene? It is hilarious! I just haven’t found the original on the internet, yet! :(


Ally McBeal Barry White

I used to love those crazy funny dancing scenes in the restroom or anywhere else! 1998, can you believe how long ago that was! The actors seemed quite old to me back then. Now that I’m looking at them again, they seem so young. I was only 14 back then and now I’m 28! It’s funny how different things turn out to be with a change in perspective!

I have to watch the show again some time!

Ally McBeal - Intro von Clipfish

Ally McBeal - Intro

I loved watching Ally McBeal! It was so funny and weird and different from any other show on the air up until then. In a way I used to identify with Ally. I felt like an outcast back then and I sympathized with her. The show made me feel good, it entertained me and distracted me.

Barry White - You’re the first, the last

Barry White is the best! His songs always remind me of the TV show Ally McBeal.


Simply Red - Holding Back The Years

 I am moving on :)

I just listened to this song on the radio; I just love it! It’s perfect to just snuggle up and feel cosy when it’s cold outside. I’m gonna have to post more songs now, they seem to playing all my favourite classics :)


Monty Python - Always Look On the Bright Side of Life


Hey there …

I am grateful but nonetheless surprised that I still have followers. It has been such a long time since my last post and none of you have dropped me! That is great and I appreciate it!Thank you so much!

I have been thinking about this blog. I was trying to figure out what to do with it and then today it hit me! I HAVE TO CHANGE IT! I am not the same person who started this blog, so I cannot write from the same perspective or in the same way. I need to shift the focus from what used to be to what is going on now. - That means it is time for a makeover!

I am so glad I realized that today because the alternative would have been to end this blog for good and MAYBE start a new one or maybe not. You know how that goes!

So I am happy and looking forward to making the changes that have been popping up in my head.

Have a great one!

Montag, September 24, 2012

Thank you so much!

I appreciate everything …

Positive thinking improves my life

more and more every day …

Care to follow?

Waris Dirie - Desert Flower

This is such an amazing and touching story. I just recently watched the movie but I read the book many, many rears ago as a teenager. And I was appalled by the horrors Waris Dirie had to go through, as anyone would be, really.

I have to admit that the movie doesn’t get close to the greatness of the book but it still is worth watching. The movie is very quiet. But I guess it is very diffcult to put such an experience into dialogue and the silence conveys the loss for words of people facing and witnessing such cruelty very well.

I want to read the book again. It is a very sad story but there also is a lot of hope in it! The way Waris Dirie is reaching out to people is beautiful.


Sonntag, August 26, 2012

Stanfour - Wishing You Well

I happened to see them play live 2 or 3 weeks ago and it was great. I didn’t even know they were going to be there, so it was a pleasant surprise.


Samstag, Juli 28, 2012

I want the easy way out!

Dear universe grant me my wish! :-)